Play Your Part: make South Africa even better


[Image]Just launched, the Play Your Part
campaign calls on all South Africans
to contribute to positive change.
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Tracey Peppler
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Play Your PartPlay Your Part is a newly launched national initiative by Brand South Africa, and powered by the organisation forgood, to encourage all South Africans – from businesses to individuals, NGOs to government, churches to schools, young and not so young – to contribute to positive change, to become involved, to simply play a part.

Through our unique South African spirit of ubuntu and our innate creativity, we hope to bring together like-minded individuals, communities and companies so that we may all become active citizens.

Play your part in giving someone a helping hand, donating time and resources, providing the know-how to start a business or an opportunity to kick-start a career. We all have our part to play, big or small.

With the 35th anniversary of the Soweto uprisings approaching on 16 June, celebrate what South African youth have achieved. In 1976 they were young, today they are heroes. Everyone needs a hero. You are young now, whose hero will you be one day? Play your part and become that hero … because even heroes have to start somewhere.

Play your part today and let us drive this initiative forward into the bright, promising future of South Africa our land.

What’s forgood all about?

It’s a home-grown social network that combines purpose with fun and rewards.

The forgood community is made up of friends, groups and activities. Members create groups and activities that other friends on forgood can join.

Connect with others near you or those who share your cause. Offer whatever you can: time, money, skills or resources.

Get your good on and earn recognition and good points in our Give/Get programme. Once you’ve earned enough points, you can exchange them for real-life rewards. Give vouchers to a group or an NGO – get movie tickets and or other goodies for yourself. We make giving fun for everyone.

If you’re already involved in a social outreach project, or even if you just love helping others, create a profile for yourself, then create your group and get others to join your cause. Everyone who shares your cause and lives within 50km of your group will be invited to join you.

How about if you really want to do something worthwhile but don’t know where to start looking? Once you sign up, groups and activities will come looking for you based on where you live and what you’re passionate about.

Forgood gives you a real-time map of social action in your community, showing you which groups and activities are working for good right now on your local map. In time, you will find recycling points, HIV clinics, schools and other helpful places in your area.

You can also read inspiring stories of good news happening on your doorstep. Or share your good news with us.