Get involved in drought relief


    shoprite---textYou can still #ActForChange by simply donating R5 or more at any Shoprite or Checkers till point. (Image: Shoprite)

    Various organisations have been making drought relief a priority in South Africa; Shoprite and Checkers are among them with their Act for Change initiative.

    Shoprite and Checkers customers have helped to raise R200 000 for drought-stricken communities across South Africa over two months since March 2016.

    The Shoprite Group has partnered with the Gift of the Givers Foundation as well as Agri SA, two organisations that have co-ordinated some of the strongest responses to the drought crisis to date. They ensure that the generous donations of many South Africans make a real, practical impact in the communities most affected by the drought.


    Act for Change is the result of customers enquiring how they can help with drought relief. The retailer quickly introduced a till-point donation facility called the #ActForChange Fund to give customers an opportunity to help.

    Customers can donate to the fund by adding R5 or more to their purchases at any Shoprite or Checkers till point across the country.

    “Each donation is critical, as it serves to bolster the work already being done to address the impact of the drought,” Neil Schreuder, Shoprite managing director told SA Goodnews. “We would like to say a huge thank you to all of our customers who donated. Each small donation goes a long way in effecting change.”

    The retail group has a long history of reaching out to communities affected by disaster. This year, it has already donated more than a half-a-million litres of water to various towns in Free State, North West and KwaZulu-Natal since February.

    You can still #ActForChange by simply donating R5 or more at any Shoprite or Checkers till point.

    The fund will not end when drought relief is no longer needed; instead, it will be used to support people going forward. It will specifically focus on alleviating hunger, in partnership with FoodBank South Africa.


    Are you playing your part to help improve the lives of the people around you or the environment? Do you know of anyone who has gone out of their way to help improve South Africa and its people?

    If so, submit your story or video to our website and let us know what you are doing to improve the country for all.