Programme raises awareness about responsible use of alcohol among youth


YFE-Programme---textJabu Pule whose once flourishing football career was abruptly stopped due to alcohol abuse has mended his ways. (Image: ARA)

The Young Free & Educated (YFE) Programme run by the Association for Responsible Alcohol Use (ARA) campaigns and discourages youth from drinking and driving.

Targeted at college and university students between the ages of 18 and 25, YFE looks towards the country’s sporting and music heroes to get youth to stop abusing alcohol. Among its ambassadors is former footballer Jabu Mahlangu, who was a victim of irresponsible alcohol use, and musician Oskido.

Brand South Africa is partnering with YFE to reach youth in tertiary institutions to promote pride and patriotism, significance of national symbols as well as popularise Play Your Part.

The programme has six pillars: responsible alcohol use, road safety, personal financial management, academic excellence, national pride and patriotism, and entrepreneurship.

These pillars address the culture of drinking in order to change patterns in alcohol use. With this in mind, YFE is looking to promote a culture of taking responsibility.

YFE has a number of planned campus dialogues for young South Africans to share their challenges and discuss solutions. The dialogues are aimed at:

  • Providing a platform to exchange ideas on various issues that are crucial in encouraging national pride and patriotism
  • Giving an opportunity to share success stories with young successful South Africans and inspire
  • Change mind sets about the “victims of circumstances” mentality.

The ARA was formed in 1989 to reduce the harm caused by the misuse and abuse of alcohol. It funds and implements numerous programmes that address drinking and driving, foetal alcohol syndrome, responsible selling as well preventing underage drinking.