Play Your Part by saving electricity


    save electricity articleOne way of saving electricity in households is to switch off any plug that you are not using.

    Eskom’s power supply remains extremely constrained so South Africans are still dealing with load shedding. The national power utility has called on South Africans to save electricity.

    Load shedding – when there is not enough supply capacity to meet the demand – allows Eskom to control power usage and keep the system stable. This allows the utility to avert the scary prospect of a system wide shut down – a blackout.

    The utility has also urged citizens to play their part by saving electricity at home and at work.

    These are seven tips to conserve electricity at home:

    • Use less hot water. Shower instead of bathing and install an energy efficient shower head;
    • Switch off lights you are not using and use natural light whenever possible;
    • Boil only as much water as you need at a time;
    • Switch to a solar geyser if you can because the geyser uses 40% of your monthly electricity consumption;
    • Change your light bulbs to energy efficient CLFs;
    • Turn off TV, DVD and computer at the power button while also unplugging your charger; and,
    • Keep the temperature at the golden zone if you are using an aircon.
    • Use the cold water tap instead of engaging the geyser every time;
    • When you leave the office remember to switch of the lights;
    • Only fill kettles with as much water as you need;
    • Do not leave your computer on stand-by, switch the power button;
    • Switch light bulbs to energy efficient CLFs;
    • Before leaving the office make sure you turn off copiers, printers and fax machines at the switch and avoid sleep mode; and,
    • Keep the office temperature at the golden zone.

    Most of the day is spent at work, so think of the difference you can make by saving electricity in your workplace. Follow these easy tips to reduce your office electricity consumption and encourage all your colleagues to be electricity-wise.


    An investigation by Eyewitness News (EWN) set out to find out whether parastatals, corporate’s and government where adhering to the call to save electricity.

    Standard Bank’s headquarters in Rosebank were brightly lit and illuminated with neon staircases. A representative of the bank explains, the building is energy efficient and non-reliant on Eskom’s power supply after hours. “From about 8pm in the evening until about 5am in the morning, in general, we’re totally reliant on our gas plant.”

    At the same time, Transnet’s offices in Braamfontein appeared strangely illuminated, with multiple floors brightly lit while other levels were in complete darkness. While unable to comment on the specific Braamfontein offices, Transnet’s Sandile Simelane says the parastatal has introduced motion detector lighting systems to many of its buildings.

    “They sense physical movement. So if there’s no physical presence, there then it automatically switches off after a while.”