A better way with the help of Clover


clover-mamas---textThe Clover Mamas celebrate 10-years of Clover’s flagship CSI project. (Image: Clover Mama Afrika)

To celebrate a decade of the Clover Mama Afrika project, Clover visited 40 projects funded by its flagship CSI project over 4 months. Beginning in Gauteng in August and ending in the Free State this month and sponsored by the dairy giant and MiX Telematics, the roadshow travelled 10 522 km evaluating projects as it went along.

Celebrating a decade of selflessness the CSI project cares for 15 500 children and 2 500 elderly. Most of those cared for are victims of abuse, orphaned or homeless. Besides celebrating success, the roadshow helped Clover to identify what additional support they could offer or what equipment still needed to be supplied.

Professor Elain Vlok, Clover’s Manager of Corporate Services, said, “We are privileged to live in one of the most beautiful countries in the world. We have the best of everything in one country – from exquisite beaches, stunning countryside, rugged mountain backdrops, wildlife, the desert and forests. We are known as the rainbow nation for the diversity that this country has to offer. The Clover Mama Afrika team is privileged to be travelling across the country to visit the Mamas, with some of them living in the most beautiful parts, too,”

Clover’s Mama’s are hardworking women running successful care centres throughout South Africa. Handpicked by the company’s area managers they are pillars in their communities who need help to build successful communities. Driving across country and witnessing first-hand each Mama’s progress and dedication gave Vlok and her team an overwhelming feeling of pride and satisfaction.

“The beauty of this road show is that we get dedicated time with each Mama. Throughout the year, we meet for various workshops at venues, so it’s nice to travel all this way and be greeted by passionate Mamas who are eager to show off their work and ask us questions specific to their needs and growth,” she explained.

Ukwakha Isizwe means “building and nurturing our nation” and it’s the ethos that has driven the Clover Mama Afrika project since 2004. The aim has always been to empower community caregivers through training in needed skills, expertise that is passed on to others so they too can earn a sustainable income for themselves, their families and their communities.


Successful bakeries, thriving sewing projects, flourishing food gardens and growing day care centres were just some of the successful projects the team from clover toured.

Mama Albertina Bloko started the Tyilulwazi Centre for the Disabled in Alexandria in the Eastern Cape in February 2005. Inspired by the plight of disabled children who were isolated and hidden away by their families she now cares for of 10 boys and 20 girls (aged 6 – 18 years) and 35 elderly persons.

Bloko’s words of inspiration are: “To focus on what you do. Do not mix with those who are doing wrong and those who have negative attitude. Do not be afraid of threats and do not listen to anyone’s opinion but your own.”

Mama Dawn runs the Ubombo Children’s Care Village in Ubombo, KwaZulu-Natal. Using education and creative tasks – pottery, gardening and painting – Mama Dawn brightens the lives of abandoned, abused and sick children and any time is looking after between 70 – 95 children.

Her words of inspiration are: “Climb every mountain, you will get there and you will see the beautiful view. Stand up when you fall. Always be positive and expand your horizons. With patience, faith and hard work you can achieve your goals. You must take pleasure in seeing your project grow.”