From Daveyton to New York, Lira’s still singing her heart out


    lira5“Artists like myself, who still preserve the language, we bring a sense of coolness to it,” Lira (Image:

    With her vocal gymnastics, flamboyantly African fashion sense, and the enviable ability to effortlessly switch genres, from R&B to pop to jazz, it’s no wonder that Lira went from being broke in Daveyton, to mesmerising audiences in New York.

    There is a lesson in her life for her young fans, she says. “A way will always exist for those who will keep pushing and fighting their way forward. It’s not going to be easy but we need to stop complaining and start creating some solutions for ourselves. We all need to find ways of making something of our lives. We will literally have to carve a new path where there has been none.”


    lira4“You know there’s something very special about knowing who you are and knowing how you came to be,” Lira (Image: