Wells Arts Foundation makes a difference


He is a librarian and does not stay in Tembisa, but still made a difference in our community. Brian Wells opened a writers book club in Tembisa and it has gotten to the stage where he has managed to publish my book and is busy aiming to publish an anthology with all the writers’ work in it. Brian has also made a huge difference where he comes from in Geluksdal. Brian has published people’s books in Geluksdal, his home town.

I would like Brian to be known nation wide. What better way is there than national television. Brian made a difference in my life and is touching many more. I would like Brian Wells to be seen on television for the whole world to see what his work is and how he has made a difference in our lives and many more on his way towards achieving that. I don’t know how else to thank him because he has done so much for me and many young and old people in our community.

First name:Dondo
Last name:Dithebe
Email address:dondopublications@gmail.com