We are playing our part


My Name is Mvuseleli Nondala from Ngqoko Village in a small town better known as Ladyfrere in the Eastern Cape Province. I have a team of members which I have formed a community project with them which focuses in the social change with a vision of changing life.

So we would like Play Your Part program to come and visit us in our village and see how hard have we been working and the highlights and lowlights which we have came up with.

We are doing vegetable gardening in the big crop field, we also have a group of young people which we are helping with the outrech programmes where we support grade 1s up to grade 4s with home work clubs and study groups, Arts and culture which includes a dance group, drama, plays and gumboot dance. Part of the long term plan is to have Sport development as well as health support.

We have been struggling to get water to manage our garden but because of believing in what we are doing we have managed to propose the plan which is going to help the whole community in the scarcity of water and we are hoping that Municipality will approve our proposal as we have managed to invite Engineering Company all the way from Cape Town to here to come and assess our village problem and they did and we have worked together in scathing the plan on what needs to be done and we have done even the estimation of the costs accurately and the plan is already submitted we are now in the process of implementing the plan as soon as it has been approved.

All this work has been done by the Project of the village and the water issues is now going to be resolved for good in the whole village and that is one of our achievements and we would really like to invite Play Your Part to become and capture our story so that in the other communities they can see that with the youth minds everything is possible we really want to inspirer young people from all over the world

Hoping that you guys can consider out proposal for the visit so that you can come and explore the reality of who we are in the Eastern Cape and what we can do.

First name: Mvuseleli
Last name: Nondala
Email address: mnondala@gmail.com
Telephone: 0834729567