Personal Growth against all odds


    About Xoliswa Moraka –Change Agent, Human Development Facilitator, Inspired Motivational Speaker and Personal Growth Coach.

    Self-doubt, self-destruction, unworthiness, identity crisis, rejection are all the feelings and emotional roller coasters Xoliswa Moraka knows very well and most importantly the very reason she is the person she is today. She is an agent of change, advocate of purpose-driven living, a true inspiration and living proof of achieving personal growth against all odds.

    She believes that no matter who you are, your life circumstances and background every person has been created for a specific purpose and life can never be over until that purpose is realised, lived and accomplished.

    Being black, growing up in an impoverished community, being abused and raped, missing out on opportunities because of lack of information and inconvenient access to opportunities are some of the conditions Xoliswa lived through and are some of the reason a lot of people give up on their dreams and never get to experience life outside of their imposed conditions.

    She also knows the victory and fulfilment that comes from making it against all odds and living your best life, the life we were rightful born and free to have. She reckons positive personal beliefs, attitude, values and actions that a person practices, by far outweighs the negative perceptions and treatment of another person.

    Xoliswa’s personal journey is the number one inspiration and reason she has committed her life and career to empowering teens and young-adults around the world breakthrough and overcome personal limitations that deprive them the opportunity of living purposeful, productive and fruitful lives.

    Through her motivational talks and coaching workshops Xoliswa shares her personal journey and inspirational journeys of people living the life some of us most desire and strategies that have helped her and them be and do what they were meant to do on earth.

    For the past seven years Xoliswa has been actively involved in facilitating the empowerment and development of human beings be it in the corporate or community context and has helped a number of people realise their dreams and goals whether personal, relationships, career, business or spiritual.

    She is the Founder of the Change Agents Network a movement for emerging and active change agents bringing them together with the primary purpose of sharing ideas and solutions to solving problems that society faces so that each of us can be the change we seek in the world.

    She is also the CEO of XoliswaMoraka Communications an emerging company with true potential to influence the change and development process- The Company focuses on youth and young-adult personal growth development as the primary factor and means of empowerment and breakthrough to addressing human development challenges.

    Xoliswa truly brings hope, a new way of thinking and doing things that will truly be influential and beneficial to the growth and development of human beings, business and the global economy at large. Living life on Purpose is possible and is a standard each of us should endeavour to reach.

    First name: Xoliswa 
    Last name: Moraka
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    Telephone: 073 981 7317