Reaching the Unreached


I have been following your show for couple of weeks now and the stories that you cover really make one think. I happened to be involved with high school learners while I was still a university student in the University of KwaZulu-Natal.

I developed this strong passion for youth development that I engaged in personal and career development initiatives in various schools to help young people in making informed career choices. I ended up realizing that such information to young people in rural areas and townships is scarce to an extent that I did some research on it and ended up writing a book titled “Three Areas to a Successful Career”, at the moment I have been trying to source sponsors to distribute the book to schools in a form of Career Expos.

I am determined to get some funding or sponsorship so that the book can reach as man young people in rural areas and townships. I propose to Play your Part to intervene in this and transform young peoples lives.

Here is the content of the Book Part One- Self-knowledge:

Chapter 1- Self Discovery
Chapter 2- Unlocking your Potential
Chapter 3- Personal SWOT Analysis
Chapter 4- Personal Branding
Chapter 5- Interpersonal Skills
Chapter 6- Personal Growth
Chapter 7- Personal Development Plan Part Two- World of Study
Chapter 8- Education and Knowledge
Chapter 9- Making a Career Choice
Chapter 10- Skill Identification
Chapter 11- My Main Entrance
Chapter 12- Maximising your Tertiary Years Part Three- World of Work
Chapter 13- Ready to Take the World
Chapter 14- Job Search Process
Chapter 15- Job Search Tools
Chapter 16- Networking your Way to the Job
Chapter 17- Interviewing
Chapter 18- Professional Image
Chapter 19- Job Offer Negotiations

Thank you and I believe you will help me, help other fellow young people.

First name: Sibusiso
Last name: Mbhele
Email address:
Telephone: +2779 844 6080