Brand South Africa dialogue on Brands & Branding and the Nation Brand



To mark the launch of the 21st edition of Brands & Branding, South Africa’s marketing ‘bible’, on Tuesday 17 November, Brand South Africa will hold a research dialogue to explore the contribution the country’s corporate brands make to shaping the reputation of the South African Nation Brand.

Corporate brands are a crucial pillar of the Nation Brand because, as the first point of contact between consumers and the South African nation, they influence perceptions about the country and its national reputation. They also make a very real, collective contribution to growing the economy, creating jobs and developing the people.

A significant number of brands come together each year to participate in the Brands & Branding publication. This year’s edition – a tour de force of branding inspiration – takes stock of Branding 4.0 around a series of narrative insights and articles, written by industry thought leaders and academics, detailing the way forward under the banner of Great Brands Helping Make South Africa Great.

The Brand South Africa session aims to stimulate conversation on how corporate brands contribute to shaping the reputation of Nation Brand building – a collaboration aimed at sourcing input from all involved. The focus will be on two key pillars: reputation management and South Africa’s competitiveness.

The aim of this session is to gather input from participants on where and how potential collaboration can be identified between corporates and Brand South Arica for marketing the Nation Brand.

Brands & Branding has delivered value to Brand South Africa by popularising the corporate image of Brand South Africa through its distribution to key corporate entities.

Readership is broad and, in addition to ongoing bookstore and direct marketing sales to marketing and advertising professionals and brand owners, participating brands gain added value through its distribution to colleges, business schools, and universities.

The publication is designed to facilitate the sharing of insights, methodologies and metrics, and to highlight great brands from South Africa and around the world.

Details of the research dialogue are as follows:

Date: Tuesday 17 November 2015
Time: 10h00 to 11h00
Venue: Gordon Institute of Business Science, Classroom 2
26 Melville Road, Illovo, Johannesburg