Guidelines to Applying Tools



Stakeholder Toolkit use or Application Matrix:

Consistent with BrandSA’s key mandate of assisting stakeholders in aligning their communications strategies with the country messaging where relevant and appropriate.

The matrix below and application examples seek to serve as a guideline on how stakeholders may or can use the various brand tools. You can be as subtle and use the Logo or Chevron only, or be big and bold by using all of the tools or brand elements provided. Whilst there are some ground rules we would like you to adhere to when using the brand and it’s various tools, we believe the toolkit will provide enough flexibility and diversity allowing creative and innovative use with your communication strategies.

Logo Chevron Image Font
Government: Yes Yes Yes Yes
Business: Yes Yes Optional Optional
Civil society: Yes Yes Optional Optional
Influential Forums: Yes Yes Optional Optional

 Logo Positioning and use with Chevron


 Primary Chevron Application with logo


 Primary Chevron Application without logo


 Secondary Chevron Application with logo


 Secondary Chevron Application with and without logo