Six mind-blowing facts about SKA


dishesWhat SKA will look like. Image: SKA Organisation/Swinburne Astronomy Productions

14 November 2013

Some extraordinary facts about the Square Kilometre Array (SKA), the world’s largest radio telescope, which will be co-located in South Africa and Australia:

The data collected by the SKA in a single day would take nearly two million years to playback on an iPod.

 The SKA will be so sensitive that it will be able to detect an airport radar on a planet 50 light years away.

 The SKA central computer will have the processing power of about one hundred million PCs.

 The dishes of the SKA will produce 10 times the global internet traffic.

 The SKA will use enough optical fibre to wrap twice around the Earth!

 The aperature arrays in the SKA could produce more than 100 times the global internet traffic.