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South Africa’s global reputation is shaped by perceptions of investment, immigration policies and environment, exports, people, culture and heritage, governance, and tourism.

In order to understand domestic trends, and how these shape international perceptions of South Africa and its global reputation, Brand South Africa commissions and subscribes to several research instruments. Our Research Notes and Working Papers intend to inform Brand South Africa’s stakeholders and partners on South Africa’s reputation and competitiveness.

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In keeping with Brand South Africa’s international and domestic mandates, the working papers provide insight into issues that impact on the South African psyche, national pride, and international reputation. The research notes are essentially analytical pieces that highlight trends in reports on South Africa generated by external agencies, institutes and multilateral organisations. The research notes also aim to highlight key findings, and to share research from studies commissioned by Brand South Africa with stakeholders and the nation.

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Dr Petrus de Kock, General Manager: Research, Brand South Africa
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