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South Africa has the potential to have a positive influence globally, through its access to the United Nations, the G8 countries and BRICS. Critical to this impact is the country’s international reputation.

South Africa Incorporated is a research project designed to interrogate the country’s exposure to, reputation in, and strategic relations with African anchor states. It examines South Africa’s footprint in African markets, taking a range of sectors and realms of cultural interaction into consideration.

The South Africa Incorporated series aims to create a platform through which Brand South Africa can relate the story of South Africa’s involvement in, exposure to, and opportunities open for intensified intra-African trade and cultural exchange.

For more information, contact:
Dr Petrus de Kock, General Manager: Research, Brand South Africa
Tel: +27 (0)11 712 5000

Research note: the global reputation and competitiveness of South African cities

This research note looks at how South Africa’s cities match up to its global counterparts. The research is based on the 2015 City brands Index and the MasterCard African Cities Growth Index.
2016 | 8 March | VIEW DOCUMENT


Report: SA Inc Fieldwork Research – Angola and the Need for Cultural Competence

Historically, South Africa and Angola have a complex relationship. The former was complicit in the protracted Angolan civil war; the latter served as a base for anti-apartheid liberation forces. This unique history means South African individuals and companies must be sensitive to race and history when doing business in Angola.
2015 | 19 November | DOWNLOAD DOCUMENT

Presentation: SA Inc Fieldwork Research – Perspectives on South Africa’s reputation on the African continent

This presentation explores South Africa’s reputation on the African continent, the country’s performance on the 2015 Nation Brand Index, and indices on our global competitiveness. It also presents Brand South Africa fieldwork research, as part of the SA Inc series.
2015 | 17 November | DOWNLOAD DOCUMENT

Presentation: Brand South Africa Research & Nation Brand Performance

This presentation gives an overview of the Brand South Africa mandate and strategy, our nation brand performance, brand reputation, and Brand South Africa research and fieldwork.
2015 | 29 September | DOWNLOAD DOCUMENT

Research Report: The development of a South Africa Incorporated Strategy for the Nation Brand

In June 2015, Brand South Africa hosted a Research Seminar on the theme: The development of a South Africa Incorporated Strategy for the Nation Brand. The theme draws on a Brand SA research project initiated during 2014/2015 – the SA Inc Project – to develop a more holistic understanding of South Africa’s involvement on the African continent.
2015 | 28 July | DOWNLOAD DOCUMENT

Research Note: African Market entry strategy – learning to listen & listening to learn

Brand South Africa researched the profile of the nation brand in Africa, how South Africa and South Africans are perceived on the continent, and identified opportunities and challenges South Africans, South African brands, and generally speaking the nation brand faces when investing in, trading with, interfacing or interacting with peer African markets.
2014 | 12 December | DOWNLOAD DOCUMENT

South Africa In(c) Series Research Report #1

Researching the Nation Brand – background to the concept, and initial findings from fieldwork in Kenya and Nigeria.
The first SA Inc report aims to introduce the project, and profile some of the initial, and somewhat surprising findings, from fieldwork conducted in Kenya in July 2014 and Nigeria in August 2014. The report also contextualises the Africa-focused research by briefly interrogating the concept, and theoretical trends in the field of nation brand research.
2014 | 18 September | DOWNLOAD DOCUMENT

Research Note: A lesson for Brand South Africa from Nigeria

Be bold, keep it real, and make it quick – a conversation on the art of Nollywood success.
Since its birth in the early 1990s, Nollywood has grown to become a multimillion-dollar industry. Its success on the global stage is well recognised. Today Nollywood producers, directors, and actors have become Nigeria’s true brand ambassadors.
2014 | 23 August | DOWNLOAD DOCUMENT

South Africa Nation Brand Country Reputation Reports – an orientation

This research note serves as an orientation to a series of Country Reputation Reports developed by Brand South Africa. The purpose of the reports is to bring together a divergent set of reputation, investor perception, and competitiveness indicators that can assist Brand South Africa’s government, business, and civil-society stakeholders when engaging with the markets covered in the reports.

The country reputation reports bring together indicators derived from the following studies:
•    The Nation Brand Index
•    The City Brand Index
•    Brand South Africa’s International Investor Perceptions Research
•    World Economic Forum Global Competitiveness Report

       South Africa’s overall reputation indicators

       South Africa’s reputation in China

       South Africa’s reputation in Brazil

       South Africa’s reputation in Russia

       South Africa’s reputation in India

       South Africa’s reputation in the USA

       South Africa’s reputation in the UK

       South Africa’s reputation in Germany

       South Africa’s reputation in France