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    South African infrastructure, institutions and innovation on the move

    Welcome to South Africa. We are proud to provide you with an experience our country’s infrastructure including our transportation network for consumers and commerce alike, some of the world’s highest rated institutions and our Nation’s inherent innovation.

    Our 2010 Media Tour programme explores the theme, “South Africa Geared for Growth’, through which we will give you access to pivotal people, organisations and processes, from a big business and entrepreneurial perspective. Post programme, we strive to have demonstrated the manner in which South Africa is able to operate successfully in both the first and third world contexts.

    Considering the action packed agenda, we are looking forward to exposing you to our first world infrastructure. You will not only be able to go behind the scenes at O.R Tambo International Airport, Richards Bay Minerals, Park Station and Africa’s busiest port in Durban, but you will experience Africa’s first rapid rail link, Gautrain. Your behind the scenes exclusive also includes a visit to the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and the Competition Commission.

    We will take you en route via taxi, rail, bus and of course, 4×4 Landrovers as we catch our breath against the spectacular backdrop of Phinda Private Game Reserve.

    It is our hope that at the end of the 2010 International Media Tour, your first-hand experience of our country has provided you with a seamless understanding of South Africa ‘on the move’.

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    The quick guide to South Africa

    This compilation of articles will provide you with a quick guide to South Africa, answers to some important questions that you may have from banking to healthcare, and of course, some local lingo to help you engage with the ‘locals’.
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    Speaking notes for Deputy Minister in the Presidency, Dina Pule at the International Markerting Council Welcoming Cocktail for International Media Tour, Sandton
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