Heritage Month



The successful hosting of the World Cup was made possible through the collective participation and contribution of all South Africans, which have resulted in benefits beyond the tournament.

  • We celebrate the contribution of all South Africans during the 2010 World Cup to the building of South Africa, from the physical infrastructure to the inspirational cohesiveness that united all South Africans.
  • It is through the hard work and dedication of every South African that we were able to host a successful tournament.
  • The success of the 2010 FIFA World Cup™ is now part of our legacy and national heritage which all South Africans can be proud off.
  • The 2010 FIFA World Cup™ will always be a source of inspiration, hope and strength to our country.
  • It is necessary to keep a record of our success for current and future generations.


South Africa’s national heritage is enriched by the hosting of 2010 FIFA World Cup™.

  • We have a new way of doing business, which has become part of the collective psyche of all South Africans.
  • The tournament has provided a solid foundation for excellence and distinction in the execution of our tasks, which must be galvanised in the implementation of all programmes.
  • We realise the possibilities of what can be achieved when we work together in our diversities and cultures.
  • Our World Cup investments have transformed the way all South Africans access economic opportunities and interact with one another.
  • Celebrating Football Fridays and Fly the Flag for Football campaigns have helped build national pride among many South Africans. All South Africans are called on to use the momentum gained during the World Cup to continue mobilising themselves to cement the principles of pride and patriotism.
  • We need to sustain the values and spirit of Ubuntu, which characterised South African commitment during the 2010 World Cup. This should be used to further mobilise South Africans to promote social cohesion and nation-building.

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