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1 February 2008

South African winemaker Perdeberg is hoping to win the allegiance of a younger, savvier breed of customer by launching a new campaign that promotes the brand through social networking website Facebook as well as Media24’s blogging sites – and rewarding users with bottles of wine.

Perdeberg Winery said in a statement on Thursday that it had launched the “Clink to win” application for the Facebook website, which allows the site’s users to raise a glass of Perdeberg’s finest to anyone else and then rewards them for doing so.

“Through a tactic that gets people raising glasses online, the campaign will help raise awareness of Perdeberg Wines,” the statement said.

“Masses of cases of Perdeberg wine are being gives as prizes to the users who receive the most toasts and to users who spread the word the most,” said Perdeberg. “And just for the fun of it, random prizes are also being awarded to Facebook users just for raising a glass to something they like.”

Blogging enthusiasts can also raise a glass of Perdeberg wine to their favourite blogs on any of the 24.com blog sites, and by “clinking” to a blog they like, readers and bloggers alike stand a chance to win Perdeberg wines every week.

The bloggers who receive the most glasses raised each week also stand a chance of winning a case of Perderberg wines.

“The aim of the campaign is to facilitate online interaction – Perdeberg Wines is rewarding users, networkers, readers and bloggers alike by encouraging online applause for what they appreciate online,” Perdeberg said.

“Altogether, Perdeberg is giving away over 3200 bottles of wine over the next five months.”

Established in 1941, Perdeberg Winery is situated at the foot of the Paardeberg Mountain and is named after the mountain zebra that used to roam the area – giving rise to the name by which the winery refers to itself: “the one with the zebra”.

The cooperative of wine estates has 42 individually managed vineyards, most of which are taken care of by third-generation producers.

Perdeberg is the second South African winemaker to make use of innovative campaigns to promote its wines. Wellington-based winemaker Stormhoek has made use of blogging, a Facebook group and a YouTube channel to promote its wines, while also rewarding users with bottles of wine.

More information on Perdeberg’s innovative promotion campaign and prizes that can be won, as well as a link to the Facebook application, can be found on the winermaker’s Clink to Win website.

SAinfo reporter

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