Trailblazer: Deshun Deysel


    Why is Deshun a Trailblazer?

    Deshun Deysel defies the classic stereotype of mountaineers as being butch and bearded.

    As the first black woman to climb Mount Everest, Deshun fulfilled her childhood dream, which is why she is so passionate about inspiring other children to dream big.

    Deshun sees climbing mountains as a metaphor for making the impossible possible. Because mountaineering is both a physical and mental sport, Deshun has learnt to approach every mountain with a sense of reverence and respect. This then forces her to look at a mountain not only for its danger, but also for its majesty and beauty.

    Deshun believes that this philosophy of mountain-climbing is very relevant to South Africa and that it could be used as a lesson to overcome some of the adversity we face as a nation.

    In her own words .

    “I think as a nation South Africa is facing Mount Everest right now. The top of our mountain is really that positive idea of what we want South Africa to look like. I think if we’re filled with hope for a positive outcome we are far more likely to change the circumstances we are in right now. Every South African has the potential to make a huge difference, and together if we do that we can get to the top of our Everest.”

    Fast Facts

    • Before conquering mountains, Deshun was a school teacher.
    • Deshun Deysel is the co-founder of SINIRGI International, a business communication skills company.
    • Deshun is also a trainer for Business Presentation Skills SA.
    • As a pioneer in mountaineering, Deshun was the first cover girl for gSport women’s magazine.
    • Deshun has embarked on the Seven Summits challenge, where she aims to climb the highest peak on all seven continents.

    How can I get in touch with Deshun?

    To book Deshun as a motivational speaker for your organisation, call 011 887 4491 or e-mail

    Story published on SAinfo on 22 August 2008.
    Source: Brand South Africa