Mass literacy campaign makes strides


12 November 2009


Over 600 000 South Africans who could not previously read or write will be literate and numerate by the end of this year through the government’s Kha ri Gude mass literacy campaign.


Launched in 2008, the campaign has also created approximately 75 000 short-term teaching jobs, Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga told the media in Cape Town this week.


“We recognise the significance of access to information and its impact on the socio-economic conditions of our people,” she said.


Alleviating poverty


Motshekga said the campaign also played a significant role in alleviating poverty by providing volunteers in the poorest communities with a small income.


“The volunteers are central to the campaign and contribute not only to the teaching and learning process but also to ensuring advocacy, recruitment, monitoring, and ensuring that the campaign is a vibrant part of disadvantaged communities,” she said.


Literacy, life skills, Braille


The campaign enables adult learners to read, write and calculate in their mother tongue, as well as to learn spoken English, at no cost. It also integrates reading, writing and numeracy integrating themes and life skills such as health, gender, the environment and civic education.


These specifically designed materials have also been adapted for use in Braille in eleven languages, and for use by the deaf.


She said the classes were presented for 240 contact hours and were held in communities, at times which were convenient to the learners, and take place in homes, churches, community centres and prisons.


Source: BuaNews