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19 August 2010

South African financial services group Stanlib has launched Stanlib Mobile, an application that will enable clients and intermediaries to view their full investment portfolios via their mobile phones.

Using Stanlib Mobile, investors will have access to real-time information on their unit trusts, linked investments, retirement portfolios and offshore investments.

Benefiting mobile workers

This is the first time that Stanlib intermediaries and investors will be able to view client statements, check investment balances, as well as view asset allocation and fund allocations via their mobile phones. In addition, intermediaries will be able to e-mail clients their statements direct from their mobiles.

“The majority of intermediaries serve their clients out of the office and are mobile workers,” Stanlib chief operating officer Anthony Katakuzinos said in a statement this week.

He said that while some industry players did offer clients and intermediaries the opportunity to view their share portfolio online, this was the first time that they would be able to view their investment portfolio via a mobile platform.

“The Stanlib Mobile solution will now offer the intermediary the opportunity to discuss their client’s investment portfolio by simply using their cellphone – something they never leave home without.”

Following a global trend

Katakuzinos said that increasing numbers of consumers around the world were becoming more sophisticated and involved in their investment decisions, and that having access to investment information via a cellphone enabled real-time decision-making intelligence.

“In line with this global trend, we have launched the Stanlib Mobile offering,” he said.

Users who have registered through the Stanlib online secure website will be able to use the mobile service 24 hours a day. The application runs on iPhone, Blackberry and most other makes of handsets.

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