SA Legacy campaign: programme


25 August 2010

Each Friday for the next five weeks, South Africans have been called on to celebrate the things that combine to make them unique – each Friday offering a new theme, and new set of practical things that anyone can do to help build a united, prosperous country. Check out the programme. Put your soul into it!




27 August: Support your Class of 2010


During the 2010 Fifa World Cup™, South Africans united in support of their team and their country, in the process learning a valuable lesson – that together we can do anything we put our souls into. This Friday, pledge that same support to your Class of 2010 – by doing so, you can give them all the motivation and inspiration they need to succeed, not only in their final examinations, but also in life.


    • Help a matric student with their homework.


    • Collect old textbooks and give them to a library or school.


    • Advise a student on post-matric career choices.


    • Help a student to realise how important education is.






3 September: Do Things Differently


The 2010 Fifa World Cup™ marked a massive change in the way we see ourselves and the way the world sees us. This Friday, Fly the Flag for our ability to see things differently, to see challenges where others see obstacles, and no matter what, to make a plan. Do something differently, and acknowledge how each of us made the world see our country in a new light.


    • Instead of sending an e-mail, pick up the phone.


    • Call an old friend.


    • Celebrate those who have made a difference in your community, and join them.


    • Put a suggestion box up where people can share their ideas on how to do things differently.





10 September: Celebrate Our Beautiful Country


Thousands of new visitors experienced South Africa during the 2010 Fifa World Cup™ and went home with memories to last a lifetime. We impressed the world with our ability to unite for a common cause and create a legacy for our country and children. We now know what we can do when we stand together, so let’s do it again this Friday – by making sure our country stays beautiful for generations to come.


    • Host a recycling day. Ask everyone to bring in paper, glass, plastic and tins to be recycled and given a new lease on life.


    • Plant a tree at home, at school, at your office or in a community space.


    • Host a clean-up day around the office, your school or community.





17 September: Do Good Week


When we stand as one, we can do anything. We can build stadiums. We can host the most successful Fifa World Cup™. So what if we all came together to do something good for each other? This Friday, Fly the Flag by volunteering some of your time and resources to South Africans who need it.



    • Find a young person in your community that you can mentor.


    • Find out how you can work with your local SAPS to make your surroundings safer.


    • Organise a visit to an old age home or hospice.


    • Create your own volunteer project.


    • Volunteer for an existing project.





24 September 2010: Celebrate your Heritage


We made the 2010 Fifa World Cup™ the most successful ever. We hosted the world and we celebrated our nation. If we were asked how we achieved what we did, the answer would be easy – because we are South Africans. This Friday, Fly the Flag for your South African Heritage and celebrate our diversity as our source of strength and resilience. We are the soul of South Africa.



    • Wear clothes reflecting your culture.


    • Spend time with someone else from a different culture and learn about their customs.




Source: Brand South Africa