Gautrain expands service offering


8 June 2011

The Gautrain’s airport service is now available to and from the Marlboro Station, while gold cards can be registered and linked to their owner’s identities, providing the train’s passengers with more convenience.

Since 1 June, airport passengers are able to embark and disembark at Marlboro as well as at Sandton station, said the media manager for the Bombela Concession Company, Kelebogile Machaka.

“This means that passengers may catch a train directly to the airport from [the] Marlboro Station (rather than only via the Sandton Station). They may also return directly to Marlboro from the airport,” she said.

Commuters are also able to order registered cards from any station ticket office.

“This new offering will enable passengers to link their personal identities to a specific Gautrain gold card,” Machaka said.”In the event that this card then gets lost or stolen, it will be possible to blacklist that card and transfer any unused value to a new card.”

New fare structure

As well as introducing these extra provisions, however, Machaka said that 1 June signalled the implementation of the new fare structure. The cost for the airport trip increases from R100 to R105. This includes the Sandton, Marlboro and Rhodesfield stations.

In line with the new tariff structure, weekly (seven-day) and monthly (35-day) passes are available from 1 June.

“The seven-day and 35-day passes represent a saving of approximately 10 and 20 percent respectively, compared to the single ‘pay-as-you-go’ fare,” she said.

Parking rates have also been devised to offer savings to those who use the train to the airport and back: “The parking tariff will be applicable from all stations and will cost R10 for the first 24hours as long as you also catch the train,” Machaka said.

For more information on these services and the price structure, visit the Gautrain website or the mobi site. You can also contact the call centre on 0800 GAUTRAIN (4288 7246).

Source: City of Johannesburg