Taking the ‘eish’ out of tax-eish-ion


6 July 2011

Tax season for over four-million taxpayers expected to complete their returns began last week, with the South African Revenue Service (Sars) launching an extensive communications campaign, along with various outreach initiatives aimed at assisting those who will be filing their returns.

This year’s theme is “Taking the ‘eish’ out of tax-eish-ion”, where taxpayers are encouraged to follow steps to complete the process.

File early, electronically

Taxpayers are being advised to file early, while also being encouraged to file electronically, as well as to do so honestly and to complete the return in full – and not to miss the deadline.

Sars also reminded taxpayers that it no longer sends out income tax returns to taxpayers unless requested.

It added that taxpayers don’t have to wait to receive their return to submit it, as they can visit a branch with their tax documents and personal particulars where a consultant will help them complete and submit their return on the spot.

Information from employers

All tax returns are pre-populated with information which Sars has obtained from employers during the recently completed tax season for employers which ended on 3 June 2011 during which a record number of 235 882 employers submitted almost 15 million employee tax certificates.

Those who submit manually can request a pre-populated return to be posted to them by calling the Sars Contact Centre on 0800 00 7277.

Ensure banking details are correct

On the issue of the fraudulent changing of banking details, Sars said it is taking this as a serious matter and is determined to prevent the payment of refunds into fraudulent bank accounts.

“In line with this, Sars may require taxpayers who have recently changed their banking details, or want to change their banking details, to visit a Sars branch in person to provide proof of identity and proof of banking details. This also applies to taxpayers who want to change their banking details via eFiling.”

Submission deadlines

The submission deadline for taxpayers who submit a paper/manual return via post or dropping it off at a SARS branch is Friday, 30 September 2011 while the deadline for those using eFiling or come into a branch where SARS consultants capture their returns on computer have until Friday, 25 November 2011.

Provisional taxpayers who file via eFiling have until Tuesday, 31 January 2012 to submit their returns.

Last year over 1.5-million taxpayers were assisted to submit their returns at its branches countrywide, Sars said, adding that eFiling continues to grow as the preferred channel to file returns with over 2.25-million returns submitted over the internet during the 2010 tax season.

Source: BuaNews