Showcasing South Africa at Davos


25 January 2012

President Jacob Zuma will head up a strong South African delegation at the opening of the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland on Wednesday, looking to showcase the country’s unique investment and development opportunities at the prestigious gathering of business and political leaders.

“In a rapidly changing global order, the World Economic Forum in Davos provides a platform for leaders seeking seeking change and solutions,” Zuma says in a Brand South Africa brochure for Davos delegates.

Against this backdrop, says Zuma, the South African team will showcase “why our unique position as fulcrum between the West, the East and Africa provides excellent prospect for our trade and investment partners.”

Leading up to the Davos gathering, Brand South Africa has been driving the message of Africa as the next great investment frontier – and South Africa as its gateway – with a high-profile advertising campaign in Time Magazine.


Brand South Africa Business Hub


At Davos itself, Brand SA will host business hub and media room at the Kirchner Museum, providing a venue for South African and African delegates to network, hold private meetings and conduct media interviews.

On Thursday, Brand SA will host an African Investor roundtable and breakfast at the Posthotel, while President Zuma will attend a South Africa briefing hosted by the WEF at the Hotel National.

And on Friday, Brand SA will host a panel discussion with Time Magazine on “Africa’s role in the Great Transformation”.


South Africa ‘ideally placed’


“Not only is the world in the greatest state of flux since the end of the Cold War, Africa is now emerging as an increasingly important player in the world economy,” Brand South Africa CEO Miller Matola says in his welcome message to Davos delegates.

“As a country, South Africa is ideally placed to navigate the shifting poles of power, not only as an emerging market, but also as a leading economy in a continent that is home to approximately 15% of the world’s population.

“Political and economic power, together with global investor focus, have swung increasingly towards the emerging markets and their growth prospects,” Matola says.

“This trend, coupled with its own sustained growth, offers Africa and South Africa excellent opportunities to position the continent as a priority destination for international investment.”

SAinfo reporter