Savant promotes SA technology


Savant – the South African Technology Vanguard – is the country’s marketing and branding campaign for the electro-technical sector, which includes electrical engineering, electronics, information technology and telecommunications.

A unit within the Department of Trade and Industry’s Industrial Development Division, it aims to accelerate the development of the country’s hi-tech sector.

When it was established in 2001, its broad objectives were to grow the ICT and electronics industry to increase employment, broaden participation, encourage exports, and promote small business development.

Savant acts to alert prospective partners, both at home and abroad, that the local technology industry can compete with the best the world has to offer.




The DTI says South Africa’s competitive advantage is created from the defence and mining sectors as well as high-level government investment in research and development in strategic programmes.

The country also has strong engineering and integration capabilities from working as a prime contractor on complex projects.




Savant plans to help grow the sector by:


    • Becoming a local and global voice for the ICT and electronics sectors;


    • Creating awareness about the South African electrotechnical and ICT industries;


    • Strengthening the sector to become globally competitive by showcasing the successes in the South African economy;


    • Promoting export and investment opportunities;


    • Helping to identify potential international partners and facilitating matchmaking opportunities; and


    • Co-ordinating an information portal across the sector and between both the private and public sector.



The multilevel project is an ongoing initiative, which includes participation in local and international trade shows, as well as an effective web presence. These efforts are complemented by extensive promotion material, advertisements and projects, both locally and abroad.



SAinfo reporter

Reviewed: 2 May 2013


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