South Africa to export fruit to Thailand


13 June 2012

South African fruit will be exported to Thailand following the establishment of a new market, the Department of Agriculture announced on Monday.


The agreement came after 14 years of negotiations, spokeswoman Piwe Mbiko said.


“The availability of an additional export market such as this holds economic benefits in terms of the income generated as well as the potential for further growth and job creation,” Mbiko said.


Mbiko said citrus fruit destined for the Asian country included sweet orange (citrus sinensis), mandarin (citrus reticulata), lemon (citrus limon) and grapefruit (citrus paradisi).


“Fruit types to be exported to the Kingdom of Thailand must be produced in and sourced from commercial orchards that have been registered with and pre-approved by the department,” Mbiko added.


Registered orchards participating in the programme will be expected to implement good agricultural practices to ensure that listed quarantine pests of concern to the Thai market are effectively managed.


Mbiko said that, as a precautionary measure, mandatory sanitary treatment for false codling moth, Mediterranean fruit fly and Natal fruit fly would be conducted on the produce before it was exported.