SAA named world’s most on-time airline


16 July 2013

South African Airways (SAA) is the most on-time airline in the world, according to the June 2013 Airline and Airport On-time Performance Report by global flight and airport information services company FlightStats.

According to the report, which covers major international airlines and airports in north America, Europe and Asia, the big international airlines on average delivered 75.85% of their flights to the arrival gate within 15 minutes of schedule in June, down from 80.70% in May.

Only six major international carriers delivered over 90% of their flights on time, with SAA topping the list at 93.33%, outperforming several reputable carriers from across the world.

SAA has achieved over 90% on-time performance for the last five months running, topping the list of most on-time airlines three times during this period.

“This speaks volumes about the commitment and determination that our staff put into their duties in order to consistently provide a professional and reliable service,’ Zuks Ramasia, SAA’s general manager for operations, said in a statement on Monday.

South Africa’s national carrier, the most awarded airline in Africa, operates direct flights to six of the world’s seven continents. With its current fleet of 54 aircraft, the airline operates 53 000 flights per annum, ferrying 7-million passengers to over 1 300 destinations in 194 countries, both through its own network and partnerships with other airlines.

“SAA will remain indebted to its workforce who, despite all the challenges the airline is currently facing, have chosen to focus on the work at hand, which is to bring the world to Africa, and take Africa to the world,” Ramasia said.

“With close to 30 different accolades collected between 2012 and this month, our staff are clearly doing something right. Nonetheless, we are cognisant of the fact that there is room for improvement.”

SAinfo reporter