Standard ‘best Africa investment bank’


22 October 2013

South Africa’s Standard Bank has been named the best investment bank on the continent for the sixth consecutive year in EMEA Finance’s 2013 Africa Banking awards.

Standard Bank, Africa’s largest lender by assets, operates in 18 markets on the continent, and was part of a number of innovative transactions in 2012/12, including:

  • South Africa’s first – and the world’s third – renewable energy bond for concentrated photovoltaic energy;


  • The first non-extractive limited recourse financed by a Chinese bank in sub-Saharan Africa with no government guarantee, on behalf of Kenya’s Triumph Power Generating Company; and



  • The largest underwrite backed by the Export Credit Insurance Corporation of South Africa, which was arranged for Konkola Copper Mines in Zambia.


“There are several good examples of Standard Bank’s unique capabilities in the submissions sent to us for evaluation,” EMEA Finance CEO Christopher Moore said in a statement on Friday.

“The bank’s comprehensive support of the globally recognised renewable energy initiatives taking place in South Africa, and its work as the sole arranger mandated to support the Republic of Tanzania’s $600-million, seven-year, FRN – the first ever benchmark-sized placement of its kind by a sub-Saharan sovereign – are prime examples of the bank’s unrivalled understanding of the markets it operates in, and its broad range of capabilities and expertise.”

Standard Bank was also recognized at the EMEA Finance 2013 Africa Banking awards as the best local investment bank in Angola, Ghana, Kenya, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania and Uganda.

“Standard Bank remains at the forefront of investment banking in Africa thanks to the depth of expertise it can leverage across its extensive geographic footprint on the continent,” Moore said.

“The bank’s consistent leadership and its ability to support its clients in ways that the overwhelming majority of banks operating in Africa are simple unable and unprepared to do, is an impressive competitive advantage.”

Standard Bank was also named best investment bank in Africa in the 2013 Euromoney Awards of Exellence, and best trade bank in sub-Saharan Africa in the 2013 Trade Finance Awards for Excellence, and took four wins in The Banker Deals of the Year for Africa in 2013.

SAinfo reporter