Road safety: motorists ‘must take responsibility’


    26 November 2013

    Transport Minister Dipuo Peters has appealed to South African motorists to take their share of responsibility for the safety of the country’s roads.

    “We want you to always arrive alive at your destination,” Peters said during an interview on GCIS Radio on Friday. “It is important that our people take responsibility. The first line of responsibility is the driver, the passenger and the pedestrian.”

    On the same day as Peters was being interviewed, a bus crashed into a passenger car on the N1 near Makhado in Limpopo province, killing 11 people injuring 47 others.

    The minister said the government would enforce the rules and regulations by increasing the visibility of traffic officers and ensuring that those who speeded, overtook dangerously and drove under the influence of achohol were arrested. However, motorists also had to play their part in preventing accidents.

    “We want to make sure that South Africans stay alive this festive period. We are appealing to South Africans that it is in your own interest – for your own safety – to respect the rules of the road.

    “Let us make sure that the vehicles we drive are roadworthy. Truck drivers, make sure that you drive a truck that is roadworthy … Fleet owners, you will be held responsible if the vehicle that you give to the driver is not in a good condition.”

    She said the government had passed regulations on testing for alcohol which were starting to produce results, and was also working on regulations regarding the use of car seats for children.

    “If you have got children in the car, make sure that they are buckled up or get a car seat. We believe that it is important that children under 10 be kept safe in vehicles, because it is the children who are the ones that actually get more hurt. We want to make sure that parents take responsibility,” Peters said.

    “Lets us not have roads of death in South Africa, let’s have roads that lead to destinations of prosperity and unity.”