‘We must write our own history’


18 February 2014

Arts and Culture Minister Paul Mashatile has encouraged South Africans, especially those who were close to or were part of the liberation struggle, to write more books about the political history of the country.

Mashatile said this would help preserve the country’s heritage by imparting the story of the political struggle to generations to come.

Speaking at the launch of The Future We Chose: Emerging Perspectives on The Centenary of the ANC in Cape Town on Friday, Mashatile said his department would support book projects that contributed to preserving South Africa’s arts and heritage.

“The Department of Arts and Culture, among many of its responsibilities, encourages the writing of books – especially in indigenous languages – as well as the reading of books [that] tell the true story of who we are as South African people. I encourage us all to write books,” Mashatile said.

He added that while there were books by people who were very critical about South Africa, “we should write more about ourselves so that there is proper discourse out there”.

‘Tell a good story’

“All those who have got the energy to write, please let us get together. Let’s write more and more books so that we can impart good heritage to the young generation. We must be able to tell a good story of this great nation,” he said.

The Future We Chose was edited by commentator and writer Busani Ngcaweni, who approached ANC leaders and stalwarts to contribute chapters on their perspectives of the liberation movement’s centenary celebrations and history.

The book explores the events and narratives that define South Africa’s oldest political organisation.

Among the senior politicians who contributed to the 19-chapter book is Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe, who attended the launch. Planning Minister Trevor Manuel was also there.

Source: SAnews.gov