Debut cookbook for South Africa’s Sibalicious chef


    28 January 2016

    South African chef Sibahle Mtongana’s love for cooking has catapulted her on to the international stage with cooking shows, appearances, and various honours. Now Mtongana – who is best known simply as Siba – has whipped up another feat: her debut cookbook entitled My Table.

    Make no mistake, this is no ordinary cookbook merely containing recipes and pictures. Using technology, specifically Quick Response (QR) codes, readers are able to watch videos on their mobile devices of Mtongana cooking some of her recipes featured in the book. All the reader has to do is scan the code with their smartphone or tablet.

    According to her website, it’s a “first of its kind for cookbooks”, giving a more interactive touch to traditional recipe books.

    Watch how it works:

    Launched in December, Mtongana told the online publication, Media Update, that she was excited about her book, on which she had been working for months. “It’s one of those things I’ve always wanted to do but I wanted to do it right. Now everything has fallen perfectly into place.”

    She held a book signing on 26 January in Cape Town, to which Brand South Africa was invited. It was an intimate gathering, where Mtongana’s plans for 2016 were highlighted. The chef aims to launch the book internationally by March.

    According to her website, almost everyone, from busy professionals to couples, single parents and younger people will find something to cook in My Table. She is described as the “queen of convenience” and it shows readers “how to make dinner in no time; and provide the kind of tips that’ll make something you whipped up in under an hour look like you’ve been slaving over the stove all day”.

    “Her recipes reflect her local roots, international food trends and some of the exotic flavours and ideas she’s picked up on her travels around the world.”

    The section called “Local is Lekker” is Mtongana’s take on a variety of uniquely South African dishes.

    About Mtongana

    Mtongana has been the food editor of Drum magazine, and her cooking show, Cooking with Siba, was a hit on DStv’s Mzansi Magic channel.

    Her most recent show, Siba’s Table, on the Food network has broken into the US market. Filmed in Cape Town, it has gained a viewership of 60 million. She is the first South African chef with a series in the US. It is also aired throughout Africa, Europe, the Middle East and the UK.

    Last year, she represented South Africa at the annual Taste of Abu Dhabi and was invited to the Taste of Moscow in Russia. Mtongana has also won three Galliova awards for food journalism and involvement in the South African food arena.

    Reaction from readers

    Her fans have been vocal on social media, and have praised My Table.

    Source: reporter